The Church is networking to relaunch tourism in Italy

The Church is networking to relaunch tourism in Italy

The Cathedral of Siena, the Jesuit quarter in Parma, the Palazzo dei Papi in Viterbo, the faith, art and taste of Salento. From north to south, the beauties of Christian Italy are now just a click away.

'Omnia for Italy' is online, a project promoted by the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi which puts the local Churches, the realities they represent and the visitors online. The website - explains RomaSette, the portal of the diocese of Rome - is simple, intuitive and functional, and accompanies the pilgrim to discover places of faith, history and art, guides him in the personalization of his trip by facilitating booking and purchase. tickets for visits online.

"An adventure resulting from the pandemic" defined it by Monsignor Remo Chiavarini, CEO of the Orp, presenting the initiative in the Vicariate. Omnia for Italy has 7 partners and offers 87 locations and itineraries in 45 cities, 11 regions and 26 dioceses. Among the proposals is the tour to San Giovanni Rotondo, the town of San Pio da Pietrelcina; also foreseen the stop in Monte Sant'Angelo with the sanctuary of San Michele built in the cave where according to tradition the apparition of the Archangel took place, one of the oldest places of worship in Christianity.

There is the underground Narni or the monastery of the Poor Clares of Fara Sabina, the tour in Recanati in the footsteps of Giacomo Leopardi or the visit to the well of San Patrizio in Orvieto. A project that not only aims to accompany pilgrims to discover the 'treasures' of the Peninsula but also wants to create opportunities for development and employment, support original business ideas, especially those of young people, and open up new job opportunities.

After the success of the digital experience of Omnia Vatican & Rome, the tourist package for Rome and the Vatican City requested by 90% of foreign tourists staying in the capital, Omnia for Italy represents for the ORP both an opportunity to establish and cement the relationship between the various Italian dioceses is the first real concrete step towards the digitalization of the pilgrimage experience.

The hope is that "it could be the beginning of a good journey", Chiavarini said, explaining that the idea was born during the long months of hiatus due to the pandemic. An applause for the project that "has the merit of evangelizing through art and beauty" also came from Cardinal Paolo Lojudice, archbishop of Siena, for whom it is essential to network "the goods available to the ecclesial community". For Renato Boccardo and Cesare Nosiglia, respectively archbishops of Spoleto-Norcia and Turin, Omnia for Italy "can be an opportunity to bring to light that 'submerged' heritage of which Italy is rich". (HANDLE).

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